EOY Diagnostic

New: Distance Learning End Of Year Diagnostic

Due to the cancellation of EOG tests resulting from COVID19 we had to find an alternative way to measure student learning in our control and treatment group for this study. Our intention was to use the end of grade (EOG) exams held state wide. Now we are asking teachers to proctor an exam at home. This page provides instructions on how to do this.

Instructions for Teachers

Assessment Structure

The assessment consists of 40 multiple choice questions. Knowledge Tools recommends that the test be administered as a timed one-hour exam, but there is no time limit built into the platform. The assessment items cannot be changed, reordered, or removed.

Sign-up Process

Teachers should have already received an email from Knowledge Tools with the login link.

If you did not see the email you can use the password recover feature on the Knowledge Tools login page to set up your new password. Go to the URL below and click 'Faculty' and enter your email, you will see a password recovery option on the bottom left of the text box.


Once you are logged into your account, you will notice that we have preloaded your class sections and assigned the assessment to each section. Teachers do not need to upload any class rosters. The support documents below give step by step instructions on how to find the assessment link for each of your classes and how to control the administration of the assessment.

Ideal Administration Conditions

Teachers may administer the test at their own convenience between April 28 and May 15. We ask teachers is possible to have their students try and implement as many of the following guidelines as possible:

  • Have students use their State Student IDs to log into the test
  • Students should try to find a quiet place to take the test uninterrupted
  • Do the assessment in one 1-hour sitting
  • No help from parents or other students

Helpful Administration Features

If having students take the test in a single one-hour session is not realistic, Knowledge-Tools has a few features that can help administer the assessment in sections. Through the teacher account, the test can be close and reopened for students. Students will be able to log back into a test using their name and student ID, allowing them to pick up wherever they left off. The only caveat to this is that each time you reopen a test it will have a new Test code and test URL that students will need in order to resume their test. If a student is still logged into the exam at the moment it is closed, they will be allowed to continue answering questions and the system will save these new responses.

Assessment Results

Teachers will be able to review the results at multiple levels through the teacher account. Teachers will be able to see how students performed both at a class level and at the individual level. They can look at how students did on various topics or individual problems. Email instructions and webinars will be available to teachers to support access to data.

For legal and ethical reasons, we ask that the results of this assessment not be used to calculate student grades. This assessment should be used to gauge student learning and assist in future math class placement. Teachers may give credit for participation and/or completion of the assessment, but credit should NOT vary based on performance.

Support Documents

Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Support Video

This video describes the whole process.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns to Kelly Collins at [email protected].