Study Details

Q: Do all schools within a district need to participate?

A: No, schools within a district may decide whether or not to participate on an individual basis. However, they must decide before schools are randomized to treatment conditions.

Q: Do I have to stay through the two years?

A: We do want schools and teachers to stay in the study for both years. However, your participation in the study is completely voluntary. You may choose to withdraw from the study without any penalty. Teachers may not be eligible for some of the stipend if you withdraw and schools that withdraw in the middle of the study will not be eligible for the $500 incentive.

Q: Will all schools in the study will have access to ASSISTments immediately?

A: No. Participating schools will entered into a lottery to be randomly assigned into two groups, one group that starts in 2019-20 and one that starts in Summer 2021.

Q: How long is the study?

A: Each participating school will be involved for 2 school years.

Q: What’s the benefit of participating in the study?

A: There are benefits for the school, teachers and students to be in the study.

    1. Schools will be able to use ASSISTments at no cost even past the years of the study. Schools will receive training including visits from an instructional coach during the time of the study.
    2. Selected 7th grade math teachers will be paid $25/hour to attend professional development on how to use ASSISTments to support homework assignment and differentiated instruction, and will belong to a “collaborative learning community” of other teachers in the program supported by an ASSISTments trainer.
    3. The 7th grade math teachers will receive a certificate of participation once they have received training and will be able to use ASSISTments indefinitely.
    4. All participating teachers, no matter when your use of ASSISTments start, will receive a stipend for participating in data collection activities such as interviews, surveys, etc.
    5. 7th grade students will receive instant feedback and online support through hints and examples while working on math problems in ASSISTments.

Q: Which grade will the study focus?

A: This study will focus on the impact of online homework support on math achievement for students in 7th grade.