Technical Requirements

Q: Some of my students don't have internet connection at home. Can we still participate?

A: Yes, you definitely can. ASSISTments works offline: Students can download assignments to their computer at school and work offline at home. Results will be uploaded when they connect later.

Q: We require teachers to use Canvas (Google Classroom, Schoology or PowerSchool Learning)?

A: Canvas (Google Classroom, Schoology or PowerSchool Learning) are learner management systems (LMS). Over the years as teachers have asked that students access their ASSISTments assignments through these tools instead of by logging into a separate account. We have been able to make this happen! Teachers can assign through any of these LMSs so that students will receive their ASSISTments assignments through them and access the content with just one click. The teacher will need an ASSISTments account but not the students.