The Homework Tool

Participating teachers will continue to use their existing textbooks or worksheets. The ASSISTments team will put teachers' content into ASSISTments so their students can benefit from immediate feedback. Teachers will benefit from actionable data that simplifies and amplifies the homework routine.

Students use their textbook and do their work on paper. After completing each problem...

...they enter their answers into ASSISTments to see if they are correct or incorrect

Teachers use a report to help to drive the instruction and review of the assignment

These videos compare the traditional homework review (on the left) with homework review supported by ASSISTments data (on the right) with students who have already been given feedback at home. In the ASSISTments enhanced review students are engaged within 30 seconds on a discussion about a common wrong answer on a difficult problem.

See how a teacher will enhance their homework routine with ASSISTments while still using their existing content.

See how we build your textbook for you. If the textbook is open source we can put the questions into the system.


"ASSISTments has certainly changed the way I teach math compared to my first 20 years of teaching. Before using ASSISTments, I would start my classes the same as most teachers. I would have the students take out their work, we would go over the answers, and then I would ask which problems they would like to go over. Now, I am able to check each class’s report prior to the students arrival. This allows me to know where the commonly missed errors were as well as who struggled and who did not even complete the assignment. With increasing demands on me as a teacher and a more challenging curriculum, every minute is a precious commodity. ASSISTments has given me back several of those minutes and more! I have noticed that ASSISTments has also changed my instruction when the students are using ASSISTments to work on math practice in class. In the past, students would do the work and often would not even know they needed help. With the immediate feedback, the number of students raising hands asking for help or clarification has increased dramatically. They know immediately if they have it wrong and will try to fix it or will seek help when needed. I also use ASSISTments for Skill Builders to make sure my students are staying current with the basic skills they need. It helps me see which students need help and with which skills. I am able to assign these individually based on individual student need. Being able to create my own assignments has also been extremely helpful.

It seems every day I find another way to use ASSISTments to enhance my instruction and student learning."

Displaying the item report during review

Common wrong answer - class discussion

Using student comments to prepare for class

Mistakes help students learn mathematics