Who We Are

The following provides a glance into the ASSISTments North Carolina team. These are the people "behind the curtain." The home institutions in which they operate from are listed along with the roles they play in this project.

Friday Institute

Sara Weiss

Allison Black-Maier

Jamie Gillespie

Recruitment, Outreach, and Research

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Neil Heffernan

Cristina Heffernan

Brian Story

Operation, Implementation, and

Ongoing Improvement of ASSISTments


Dr. Mingyu Feng

Research Design,

Data Collection, Analysis

SRI Education

Research Design, Data Collection, Analysis

Dr. Haiwen Wang

Dr. Jared Boyce

Dr. Tim Podkul

Shari Gardner

Jeremy Fritts

Digital Promise


Dr. Jeremy Roschelle

Research Design

Dr. Robert Murphy

Research Design